April 2022

Azalea Garden Tour Recap

Join us for a stroll past hidden treasures spotted on last weekend’s 2022 Azalea Garden Tour, including some fabulous garden art.

“Have A Seat” by artist, Lyudmila Tomova

Garden #5 – Marcia Pendleton Doering

This outstanding garden was a Tour favorite. It includes such a diversity of plants and personal vignettes, we have decided to feature it in an upcoming Newsletter so stay tuned!

Garden #8 – Daniel Norris & Mary Russ

A series of stone pathways, laid by the homeowners, guide you through the lush landscape of the historic Bailey House, with surprises around every turn, including a firepit, vegetable garden, potting shed and a serene fountain trickling atop a flagstone patio.

Stepping stones on a gradual slope leading to the pool, cabana and dining area are bordered by colorful hydrangeas. The natural plantings between the stones makes the area feel timeless.

“Mary and I found this magnificent urn, one of a pair, at an estate in Wake County. We thought the pool needed a major element, but could not find a thing that suited our tastes. We wanted a totally classic piece to really anchor the deep end. These are perfect. I think the head in the handles represents the Egyptian god Ammon. The tops of the urns are removable. I do love these.”

– Daniel Ray Norris

Garden #12 – Chris Gore & Matthew TenHuisen

Two historic houses, renovated by urban pioneers, sit side by side on Grace Street welcoming you in for a double garden tour.

Chris and Matthew refreshed the original brick pathway with the addition of a flagstone patio leading to a stately three-tiered fountain which cascades into a circular basin.

Tucked into the foliage sits an Angel, perched on a sphere, charming the neighbors with the sweet sound of a violin.

Garden #1 – Frances & James Parnell

“Natural Beauty” by artist, Rose Kennedy

Read about this 3.67 acre Natural Wildlife Habitat and its esteemed creators in Wilmington Magazine.

Garden #2 – Lynn & Clinton McRoy

Look out to the back yard and you will see a natural pond feeding a man-made one. Two Azalea Ambassadors gaze out over this tranquil scene creating an ageless image. Then turn toward the house and see a completely different picture.

The travertine pool deck and bright umbrella return you to the present. A natural swimming pool awaits, complete with fish, turtles and frogs. The water is kept crystal clear through a biological process using gravel, native plants, and two rain gardens, the creation of Anthony Archer Willis, The Pool Master.

Garden #4 – Harbor Way Gardens, Wrightsville Beach

This award-winning public garden, a highlight of the Garden Tour, is a product of the diligent work of The Harbor Island Garden Club and its volunteers. It’s chock full of exciting features including a fairytale cottage, a brick labyrinth, rose gardens, and custom fountains, including this new frog by j.a. Cobb.

“Robert Ribbit” created by j.a. Cobb

We invite you to visit these Gardens yourself. Take advantage of a great opportunity coming up soon … read on.