December 2023

A Coastal Christmas


Jeff and Lynette Pierce are ready for Santa’s arrival right in their own backyard. Their pool house looks resplendent, decked out in all its holiday regalia. 

When they moved into their one-story mid-century modern home five years ago, it already had a pool, so they made their first project a pool house. Lynette began by scouring the internet for inspiration. She wanted a structure that had a light and airy aesthetic, but one that would cast off a dramatic flair at night.

“Placement of the pool house was crucial as we didn’t want to obstruct the view of the waterway. We get the most spectacular sunrises. In the evenings, light reflects off Figure 8 Island and it glows. We call it the Golden Hour. It’s beautiful.” 

On the front of the structure, the posts are cantilevered to allow clear sight-lines from the house to the waterway.   

Lynette created a “travertine” floor by adding crushed rock salt to wet concrete that made divots as it melted. They love the way it looks and appreciate that it is not slick when it gets wet. Their 3.5-year-old golden doodle, Dooley, enjoys it too.  He was named after Coach Dooley at UNC Chapel Hill who recruited Jeff to play football back in the day.  

The central feature of the pool house is its gorgeous fireplace. Looking for materials, Jeff and Lynette landed at Stone Garden. After meeting with Emily and showing her pictures, they were delighted that within 10 minutes, she helped them find the perfect stone.  

They selected Casa Blanca RoughCut by Eldorado Stone. RoughCut mimics limestone with its embedded, fossilized artifacts and roughly cleaved, pronounced face. The Pierce’s feel it is coastal and contemporary so fits well with the style of their house.  

Rigo Hernandez of Good Hands Landscape installed the stonework.  He devised a custom mix to create the ideal grout color.

The fireplace purposely has no hearth or mantel to keep the lines clean. Quartzite used in the kitchen area is used on the bench to the left of the fireplace allowing a perch for people or decorations. 

In the grilling kitchen a wine cooler and freezer drawers offer every amenity.

A bathroom and storage area are discreetly included behind the louvered wall.

Jeff’s one big request was to have a natural wooden ceiling. The honey color suggests a nautical feel and reflects in a way that offers excellent lighting for photographs. The wooden base of the structure adds to the desired floating effect and echoes the wood of the deck up by the house and the dock in the waterway below.  

The pool house is a magnet for family gatherings, including Fall football games. Entertaining is a breeze, with everything from intimate cocktail parties to larger events, like their son’s engagement party.  

But the most important guest in the house is the one planning to come down the chimney on Christmas eve. The Pierce’s can’t wait for his arrival.

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