Photo Credit: Pia Ann Robison

April 2019

Azalea Garden Tour, April 5-7th

Pi Ann Robison’s garden, featured on next week’s Azalea Garden Tour, , is not to be missed. The diversity of her plantings is matched by the perfection of her hardscape, including this stack stone wall and pathway above, and the raised bluestone patio with pergola below. The entire landscape feels magical, as if you’ve entered a secret world filled with color and scent that flows seamlessly around her Masonboro Forest home.

Garden #9 (below) the home of Sue and Thomas Hunley, also charms the visitor. The azaleas are already popping around their adorable garden shed, and cheerful trees and flowers abound.

Thomas is a jack-of-all trades and undertook the installation of our paver “circle kit” last fall. Check out the gorgeous wood and wrought iron arbor, another example of his handiwork.

Six other private residences, plus three public gardens (Airlie, Harbor Way, and the Arboretum) are featured on this year’s tour. Three “secret gardens” located in more intimate neighborhoods will be accessible by trolley.