August 2020

Essential Elements

This remarkable residence juxtaposes the beauty of two essential elements: fire and water. They did not begin entwined but met four years apart – a perfect example of how a project can be successfully achieved in phases over a period of time. The vision began with a pool and spa. (Photos by Renee Sauer)

Phil Harris of Caribbean Pools designed and installed the free-form pool and circular spa in 2015.

Shawnee Ledgstone, a thin cut veneer, was selected to surround the spa basin. Note the beauty of the slippery, blue water against the organic texture of the stone.

Roman Blend travertine was chosen for the bullnosed spa cap making it both beautiful and practical by creating a smooth, inviting surface for wet bathers.

In 2019, Adam Sedney of Ace Masonry met with the homeowners to design the next phase of the project. A grand staircase that sat between the upper terrace and the pool deck was removed. The patio surface was transformed with travertine. Adam then added a curved seating wall and dramatic gas fire pit.

To give the design a cohesiveness, great care was taken to match the materials used in earlier phase of the project. Luckily, Stone Garden still sold the identical products.

The firepit was to be a focal point, seen here guarded by the family’s beloved Jack Russell Terrier.

From this angle you can admire the radius caps, their bullnosed edge and the precise cuts and placement of the 4″ travertine tiles which were all crafted on site by Adam’s expert team.

The homeowners’ vision was completed in December of 2019. The result is a private and tranquil retreat, ideal for intimate gatherings of two or for parties of plenty. Certainly a successful pairing of essential elements over time.