June 2019


Our June Garden includes four water features, the first of which is this handsome Triple Basalt Fountain. Being a dense, igneous rock created by lava flows, basalt provides an extremely resilient centerpiece that doesn’t require special winter care. These pre-drilled columns can be used to build single, double or triple action fountains that need little upkeep.

The garden’s second water feature is a one-of-a-kind boulder fountain created by local sculptor, Doug Campbell. The flagstone patio with baby mondo grass joints provides a perfect space to sit and enjoy the cooling sound of water.

Around the corner, tucked against the house, lies the third water feature — a lovely water garden, home to many vibrant koi.

The final water feature is a striking Charleston fountain that sits besides the front door in a graceful, welcoming fashion.

Connecting all these water wonders are artistic stone pathways that wind around this lush corner lot.

Carved flagstone by Doug Campbell.

Flagstone with mulch joints.

Intricate Mexican Beach pebble closeup.

Pathways by Gardens by Design.