October 2018

A Warm Transformation with Stone

The Johnson’s graciously shared their home with photographer, Renee Sauer, this fall and the results warrant sharing. The Johnson’s undertaking was a multi-year project. They worked diligently with G wathmey Residential Group, as well as Francisco Rivera of First Class Tile, to transform their residence from a cool and contemporary home to warm and welcoming one.

The results include a total facelift to the entrance, as well as the addition of a terrace, pool, and outdoor living room to the back. The new look included Shawnee Mountain Ledgestone for the veneer and PA bluestone for the steps and caps.

They added to their breathtaking Intracoastal view, using Roman Blend travertine for the flooring and coping, combined with Shawnee Mountain Ledgestone for the spa and fireplace veneer. The Johnson’s now enjoy the fruits of their labor every day.