March 2024

Mulch Matters

My daffodils have arrived, which is the most exciting moment in my entire year. Spring has started early, but so have the weeds.

This year I decided to be proactive and not wait until mid-March or April to think about how to prevent the little rascals from taking over my garden beds. So, I mulched at the end of February and I’m so glad I did. 

The time to mulch has come and Stone Garden is ready for you, with fresh-off-the-truck options in a variety of colors and textures.

My personal favorite is Double Shredded Hardwood which goes down fluffy and has a finished look. Since the bark is shredded twice, it nests together over time to form a crust, making it different for weeds to navigate while still holding in plenty of moisture. The more “chippy” mulches do last longer, since their bark is just shredded once. 

Our Natural Cypress Mulch is certified “Playground Mulch.” It provides an ideal surface for kids to run and play on, while offering a soft landing.

The three colored mulches we carry are from natural, not treated, wood. They are colored with vegetable dye that won’t harm your plants or pets. 


Mulch is sold by the cubic yard, so it helps if you start by visualizing a cube, which has 3 dimensions. Before you visit the store, measure the length and wide of the area(s) you want to cover and consider how many inches deep you want the mulch to be. If you have math anxiety, skip the details below and simply bring those measurements to us. 

Once you measure off your area, use the handy calculator on the Mulch & Pine Straw page on our website to figure out how many yards you need. We sell by the half yard or full yard. 


We are happy to deliver to you. Call us at 910.452.1619, text to 910.975.0336, or email at to arrange a date.

To get excited about your spring project, watch these 4-year-olds load mulch at Stone Garden


Pine Straw, an alternative to bark mulch, is native to this area. Long Leaf Pine Straw lasts longer than mulch, is lightweight and provides acidity to soil which some plants, like azaleas, thrive in. Calculating for Pine Straw is a little tricky, as it depends on how densely it is spread. 

Our bale of Long Leaf straw covers approximately 50 square feet at 2″ deep (recommended for beds with existing straw) and 45 square at 3″ deep (recommended to cover bare/new ground). I invite you to use the calculator at the bottom of the Mulch & Pine Straw page on our website to help you determine how many bales you need. 


Double-washed, mini-Florida seashells have just arrived that provide a delicate alternative to traditional mulches. You can purchase them by the ton, half ton, in bulk or supersacks. For smaller projects, bring a 5-gallon pail and take some home. The shells look beautiful topping off potted plants.  

Our seashells are the secret sauce in the tabby walls you see in Autumn Hall, Brunswick Forest and Compass Pointe. Seashell Tabby was featured in our January Newsletter


Decorative Pebbles are a one-time alternative to annual mulching. Our two most popular pebbles are River Rounds & Infinity Stone.

Pictured Above: 1-2″ River Rounds

Pictured Above: 1-4″ Infinity Stone

We also have some exciting new pebbles that have just arrived. Beautiful Dalani™ Decorative Pebbles come in two sizes: 1-2″ and 2-3″ with four colors to choose from. Black – Matte pebbles are available in four sizes.

Jade Green – Tumbled

Pure White – Tumbled

Black – Polished

Black – Matte


In April, the display gardens will be full of bright colors when our glazed planters arrive from Campania International. If you want to pick out something unique, it’s a great time to special order from our catalog collection


Mark your calendars! The 71st Annual Cape Fear Garden Club Azalea Garden Tour is blooming April 5,6, and 7 with an invitation for you to explore “Beyond the Garden Gate” at ten beautiful, private gardens and our local gem, Airlie Gardens.