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Landscape Rock Delivery in Wilmington NC

stone garden fountains pavers pathways rock gravel outdoor living fire pit grill tops hearth patio mulch pinestraw fireplace natural pond engraving

A pebble patio is a great way to turn a muddy backyard into a stylish, livable oasis.  Adding a fire pit and some convenient natural-looking seating along with some yard art can turn it into a really exciting and spectacular feature.  However, outdoor living spaces are only as good as the materials you start with….

Pine Straw in Wilmington, NC

stepping stone pathway to a metal bench in a pine straw garden with blossoming trees

Pine Straw is Practical: We have all heard that mulching is good for the garden.  Mulching retains moisture in your soil.  It helps with weed control and decreases soil erosion.  Mulching improves soil health and helps protect plants from summer heat and winter cold.  However, to mulch or to pine straw, that is the question? …

Gravel in Wilmington, NC

stone edges form small round gardens among gravel pathways at dudley mansion in wilmington north carolina

PRACTICAL – ECONOMICAL – VERSATILE Gravel is PRACTICAL: Compared with other surface materials, gravel and stone are easy to install.  There’s nothing to mix or cure – no measuring, cutting or fitting.  Therefore, once you’ve prepared the area, you simply spread the material, grade it, give it time to settle … and you’re done – with…